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How to download videos with VidMate?

You can easily download videos. Follow each step below to use it properly:

1) Launch the app on your device.

2) When it opens completely, you will see a search bar at the top along with top sites below it. You can also see suggested and trending videos on your home screen.

3) Now if you want any specific video to download search for it in the search bar.

4) Now click on the video title you want or tap on the download button. Then if you want to download it, tap on the red circular button at the right bottom corner as seen below.

5) Now select the quality of the video you want to download. The size of the video is shown on the side.

6) Tick on the file quality you want and tap download. Your video will be downloaded instantly.

How to view downloading status of videos in VidMate?

How to view downloading status of videos in VidMate app?

To view the downloading status of videos in vidmate app, you can directly see on the notification bar. Just scroll it down and you will see there. You can tap  on the video to open in the vidmate app.

If you want to view downloading status from app itself:

  1. If you have any download running, you can see the total number of downloading videos on top right.

2. Tap on the icon and you will see the downloading videos.

3. If you want to delete the video, tick the video and tap on delete.

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How to create moments in VidMate App?

Moments on VidMate app are small video clips that are less than 15 seconds long. They are mainly created for entertainment purposes. VidMate app also has this feature which is similar as previously and now Tik-Tok app. These videos are really funny and entertaining and help you to pass your boredom with ease. You can also create your own moment and be a star in your area. Some people also earn money after being famous by getting sponsored by brand. You can also be next star. So, start now.

To create a moment in VidMate App, all you need to do is:

1. Open VidMate on your android device.

2. Go to Moment tab in the top by swiping.

3. In the moment tab, you will see a camera. Tap on it and then tap on “Go Now” button.

4. Now you will be asked to install an app called Vmate. Just wait until it finishes downloading it then Install it.

5. To post Moment, just open Vmate and tap on camera icon.

6. Then camera will open. When you are ready to shot video, tap the “Tap” button and stop when you finish.

7. Tap next after you stop the video.

8. Now if you need to edit video, you can edit it and add many more effects. Else, just post it.

You have to login for the first time to post.

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Alternatives of VidMate App for Android

Although vidmate is an all in one app and you can get everything you want, but sometimes you may want to test other apps if they are better in any way. Below is the list of apps that do similar task and you can test them and decide for yourself which app to use.


Tubemate sounds like vidmate and does some similar works but vidmate is more versatile than tubemate. Tubmate is mainly designed to download videos from tubemate but recently they have added other sites like Facebook from where you can download videos.


Videoder is actually an alternative to tubemate. It does exactly same and somehow more task than tubemate.

UC Browser

Latest version of UC Browser lets you download videos from any sites on the internet making it one of the best alternatives for VidMate. UC Browser For Android is the most powerful and most advanced browser for android with features like

  • Up to 150% FASTER Download speed.
  • Fastest Web Browsing Experience.
  • Block Annoying ads and viruses on websites.
  • Data Saver – Save up to 80% of data

UC News

You must be surprised to see a news app on the list of alternatives to video downloading app, right? It may sound confusing at first but UC News app is much more than just a news app. It allows you to watch videos in a lot of categories like Entertainment, Funny, Informative, and many more. UC News can be used to read news as well as watch trending videos too. So, UC News, if used along with vidmate, you won’t miss a thing from internet any day.


SnapTube is another app to download videos from various sites and is exactly same as Videoder and Tubemate with most of the feature from vidmate missing. SnapTube doesn’t have any new feature or any unique function. It’s the matter of personal preference. Some people will prefer SnapTube others will prefer Videoder. You can try both and keep one of them. It’s really hard to tell which one is better.

Keepvid For Android

KeepVid, which was originally available for windows only, has now android version too. Some of the features of KeepVid include:

  1. Multiple Download: With KeepVid video downloader, you can download multiple videos at one time.
  2. Fast Speed: It provides high speed downloading of the video than normal browser.
  3. Built-in Web Browser: You can visit video site and download video directly because it includes a built-in browser. You can browse videos like you do in Google Chrome, UC Browser, etc. or any other sites.

FAQs on Vidmate

FAQs on Vidmate:

1. Is Vidmate app for android free to use?

Ans. Yes. Vidmate is completely free of cost and there are no any hidden cost or any step or additional features that require your payment to unlock. If you find anybody selling vidmate or asking money to download, please report to us.

2. How does Vidmate makes money then?

Ans. Vidmate relies on the ads shown on the app via Google Admob to make any money. It helps for further development of the app. You are able to make vidmate just because of the same reason.

3. What if I want to download sensitive content as well, which I wouldn’t want my kids to see?
Ans. If there is content you want to watch that might be inappropriate for some of your underage family members, Vidmate also doubles up as a content locker. Click the “Download” icon, go to “Files” and you will find “Private Space” in that column. You can set a 4 digit pass code and import sensitive content to that private space, whether or not you downloaded it off Vidmate.

4. Can I use Vidmate to download content using URLs?
Ans. Of course you can. Usually, if you have a URL in text format (for example in a Whatsapp message or a note), you may simply tap it to get a list of apps that can run it. If you don’t you may check your App Settings. You may also copy the URL and paste it into the app’s search bar. Hit search, and you’re done.

5. Is Vimate available for iOS ?

Ans. You may see some articles on the internet claiming to have vidmate for iOS. Vidmate, officially has no any iOS version of the app. Considering monopoly of Apple Inc. on app distribution, it is unlikely that you will get Vidmate for iOS soon.

6. Is Vidmate available on Google Play?

Ans> No. Vidmate is not accepted in Google play because Google doesn’t allow any app that can download videos from YouTube because they own YouTube too. So, Vidmate will never be available on Google Ply but there are many fake Vidmate app there developed by the spammers. We recommend you tostay away from those spammers and download vidmate fro our official site only.

7. Vidmate vs Tubemate which is better?

Ans. Its not a doubt that Vidmate and Tubemate are two big players on industry that provide video downloading facility. Tubemate is an app that allows you to download videos primarily from YouTube only. Although it has added features to download videos from other sites too but that is simply ineffective and its extremely confusing. On the other hand Vidmate is well managed and organized. Moreover, Vidmate has an deddicated option to download movies but Tubemate doesn’t.