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VidMate is an awesome tool to download videos. You can download and use completely free.

FAQs on Vidmate

FAQs on Vidmate:

1. Is Vidmate app for android free to use?

Ans. Yes. Vidmate is completely free of cost and there are no any hidden cost or any step or additional features that require your payment to unlock. If you find anybody selling vidmate or asking money to download, please report to us.

2. How does Vidmate makes money then?

Ans. Vidmate relies on the ads shown on the app via Google Admob to make any money. It helps for further development of the app. You are able to make vidmate just because of the same reason.

3. What if I want to download sensitive content as well, which I wouldn’t want my kids to see?
Ans. If there is content you want to watch that might be inappropriate for some of your underage family members, Vidmate also doubles up as a content locker. Click the “Download” icon, go to “Files” and you will find “Private Space” in that column. You can set a 4 digit pass code and import sensitive content to that private space, whether or not you downloaded it off Vidmate.

4. Can I use Vidmate to download content using URLs?
Ans. Of course you can. Usually, if you have a URL in text format (for example in a Whatsapp message or a note), you may simply tap it to get a list of apps that can run it. If you don’t you may check your App Settings. You may also copy the URL and paste it into the app’s search bar. Hit search, and you’re done.

5. Is Vimate available for iOS ?

Ans. You may see some articles on the internet claiming to have vidmate for iOS. Vidmate, officially has no any iOS version of the app. Considering monopoly of Apple Inc. on app distribution, it is unlikely that you will get Vidmate for iOS soon.

6. Is Vidmate available on Google Play?

Ans> No. Vidmate is not accepted in Google play because Google doesn’t allow any app that can download videos from YouTube because they own YouTube too. So, Vidmate will never be available on Google Ply but there are many fake Vidmate app there developed by the spammers. We recommend you tostay away from those spammers and download vidmate fro our official site only.

7. Vidmate vs Tubemate which is better?

Ans. Its not a doubt that Vidmate and Tubemate are two big players on industry that provide video downloading facility. Tubemate is an app that allows you to download videos primarily from YouTube only. Although it has added features to download videos from other sites too but that is simply ineffective and its extremely confusing. On the other hand Vidmate is well managed and organized. Moreover, Vidmate has an deddicated option to download movies but Tubemate doesn’t.

Unique Features of VidMate

Although there are some other tools similar to vidmate that claim to do the same task as vidmate, no any tool is near to vidmate in many cases. With most advanced technology on the industry, Vidmate allows you to download videos at fastest speed.

1. Fastest Download speeds

With same internet connection, Vidmate provides up to 200% faster speeds than similar others apps. Vidmate uses an advanced technology that helps you to get maximum capability of your internet speed. What vidmate does is that it connects to the host multiple times from your single device which can improve your internet speed upto 5 times. You may think that this is not new technology, several other apps are already doing it. We agree. We are actually not doing a different things, we are doing things differently. In simpler words, Vidmate is using similar technology but improved one.

2. User-friendly Interface

Vidmate provides a lot of features within single app which is obviously difficult to manage but we have done it beautifully and systematically which doesn’t only make it easy to use but also makes it extremely beautiful to look at. So, even an first time user can easily use vidmate and get used to it.

Moreover, we are providing you an complete guide on using Vidmate which should help you a lot on using Vidmate if you are new to it.

3. Unlimited Free Full Movies Download

Vidmate searches for the movies on the internet and collects them just for you to download them free of cost. You can download unlimited full new movies directly to your mobile devices  free of cost.

4. High Quality Music download

You can download hundred of thousands of High Quality songs directly from Vidmate. You can download English, Hindi, Talegu, Bahasa and many more songs directly to your android.

5. Live TV Channels

There are many apps that claim to provide live TV channels but its sad to know that most of them are fake or require money to watch. We are introducing you an unique feature to watch 200 live TVs, covering Movie, Music, Fashion, News, Entertainment, Sport, and many other kinds of channels. This is one of the feature which you may never be able to find in other apps free of cost. In Vidmate, those TV channels load faster so that you can enjoy free live TV channels even on the slow internet.

UC News Apk for Android – Download (Latest Update 2018)

Uc news app for android is the best online news as well as Video app for countries in South Asia Like India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. It is the most complete News app that has most variety of news than any kind of similar app.


You can read all the features of UC News App below and the complete usage guide that will guide you step-wise procedure on how to use this app and you are just here to download UC news, you can download directly the latest version ( apk file of UC News.



It may be too easy to app UC News app but this guide will help beginner and there are some tips which can be applied to get better UC News Experience.

  1. The first step is to download .apk file of UC News app for android. You can download directly apk file of UC News from link below.


  2. To install this .apk file, just tap on it and select install. If this is the first time of installing .apk file, you must allow installation of apps from unknown sources in your android phone’s settings. To do this, Go to Settings> Application Settings and tick Unknown sources. In newer devices Go to Settings> Lock Screen and security and scroll down to find “Unknown Sources” and enable it.
  3. Once the app is installed, launch it.
  4. After installing, when you open UC News app, it will ask you to choose your language. If you are from India, select your language as it is shown by default. If you are from Indonesia, just tap on Indonesian flag on top and select your language.
    uc news language uc news bahasa
  5. After choosing your language, its now time to pick your favorite Topics. There are plenty of topics to choose. You can choose any number of topics.
  6. Now tap on “Start” or any similar words on your language and start exploring news.
  7. When you tap on any headline, the news article will open where you can comment as in Facebook post and share link with your friends or family.




Extra Features of UC News App

The basic usage guide are explained above but still there are some more exciting features in UC News application.

  1. Watch Videos: UC News provides a whole new video Tab where you can watch latest viral videos and never miss anything interesting happening near you or on the topics you are interested.
    Like on News tab, you can select between the various topics and watch the videos you prefer only.
  2. Follow: In UC News most of the content is created by users. So you can follow your favorite writer as you subscribe to channels on YouTube.
  3. Connect with Facebook: You can link your UC News app with Facebook, so that you can comment on stories and write your own news too. Plus, you will get better recommendations of news after you connect to Facebook.
  4. Offline Saving: We won’t get free WiFi everywhere and mobile networks may be costly or not available properly in case of rural areas. Anyway, sometimes we want to read news offline later by downloading the news when we have internet access. So, UC News has an offline mode which makes it easy to read news even without internet access all the time.

All the Features Of UC News:

Read News: It is an obvious feature of this app as the name suggests. You can read news in various languages and in various topics. You can read news about Entertainment, Cricket, Football, Breaking News, Viral news, etc.

Watch Videos: UC News has the collection of most funny and amazing videos. You will never feel bored once you start watching videos on UC News.

Bollywood News: All the hot gossips from Bollywood, upcoming movies, Box-office collection from Bollywood. Fastest Update on any kind of Bollywood news.

Live Cricket Score: All the news about cricket game. You can learn about upcoming schedules, watch live score of any King of International matches, watch live score from Indian Premier League and other domestic tournaments too.





Show Box is not a legitimate software application for watching copyright protected movies. The movie
studios will be able to see your IP address and your COMPLETE viewing history! (Do you really want the movie
studios knowing the types of videos you like?) You will very likely be sued for copyright infringement. Those
websites that promote and/or distribute Show Box will also be pursued by the movie studios no matter what extent
you go through to hide your identity. It is not worth the trouble!

Tubemate Apk 3.0.11 Download Latest version for android

Tubemate app is one of the best tool for android to download videos from YouTube. Tubemate apk file is given below which you can directly download and install on your android device.

Tubemate is mainly famous for downloading YouTube videos. You cannot download films, series, apps, memes, etc like you can do with VidMate, so, tubemate is never an alternative for VidMate but if you need an app to download YouTube videos only or if you want to install tubemate along with VidMate, it is a good choice.

Below we will show you a complete guide on installing and using tubemate.

How to Install TubeMate on an Android device?

  1. Obviously, at first you should download Apk file of Tubemate. You can download Tubemate.apk directly from Link below.

    Download Tubemate 3.0.11  for Android

  2. After downloading is completed, tap on the downloaded .apk file to install it. If this is your first time of sideloading apps (installing an application package in APK format onto an Android device by downloading apps from other sources than Google play), you should enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings. For this Go to settings> Application settings> and tick Unknown sources.
  3. After the app gets installed you can launch it to download YouTube videos.

How to download YouTube videos by using tubemate?

Although it is an easy process but there are some steps where you you will get confused. So please read this guide too.

  1. Open Tubemate. For the first time, you will be shown an warning message that Tubemate should be used for private purposes only. Just tap agree. Then you will be shown the change-logs. Tap close for this.
  2. Now if you are connected to internet, it will open YouTube which will be something like screenshot below.
  3. Now search for any video from the search icon at top if you want to search on google or tap on search icon just below it to search on YouTube only. Then tap on the video and the video will start playing.
  4. Now if you want to watch it online, you can continue but if you want to download Tap on Green download () icon at the top and it will show a “Parsing Video Information” window. Then a window to choose quality of the video appears as shown in screenshot below. You have to select it carefully. You can see the size of the video next to quality. The first option is the highest quality one (which your device may not support), the second option is of lower quality than first one and quality goes on decreasing.  If your device is extremely High-End new device like Samsung Galaxy S8,  you can select 2560 x 1440 one. But the recommended quality for mobile is 1280 x 720 because it will occupy less storage space and in mobile you cannot see much difference between this quality and other higher qualities. If your device doesn’t support this quality, select the lower quality than this.
    Remember: All the videos won’t have all these quality choices, some video may have highest quality of 640 x 360 or even lower. At that condition choose highest quality option.
  5. Now again tap on the green download button () at the bottom. Then the video starts downloading instantly. You can see progress of downloading in the notification window. Sometimes you may  be asked to install a media converter app. You can install that app, it’s completely fine. You can watch video even before completion of download.

Best Preference Setup for Tubemate

Tubemate is good app but not that much by default You have to change some of the preference options to get better TubeMate.

A. Fixing Merge to SD card issue.

After the downloading of any video is completed, it needs some time to merge the video to SD card which is annoying. You can fix it in Preference.

  1. Tap the three dots in right top corner of Tubemate and tap on preferences.
  2. Now you will see Fast download Mode. You may think this will speed up downloading but it won’t. In fact it causes the Merging to SD card issue. just Untick it and you are done.

B. Other preference fixes.

  1. Increase speed Limit: If you have faster internet than 20 Mbps (2.5 MBps), increase the speed limit.
  2. Tick WiFi Only to prevent Auto-resume of non-completed videos when you turn on Mobile data.
  3. Select Offline Home if you don’t want YouTube open as soon as you open TubeMate, rather you want an offline homepage.
  4. Tick Use KB/s if you want to view your download speed in KB/s or MB/s which are more commonly used in daily life instead of rarely used Kb/s or Mb/s.


  1. Is tubemate Illegal?
    Ans. No Tubemate is not Illegal. Although YouTube Terms of Service says you cannot download YouTube videos but there is no any penalty or fine for downloading from the Government side. It means you may be doing ‘not-allowed’ things in the eyes of YouTube but you are completely fine in legal terms. But Remember that You are a criminal if you redistribute the copyrighted videos. It means you may not re-upload it on YouTube or any other website, otherwise you may be charged for violating Copyright.
  2. Why is it not available on Google Play
    Ans. For the same reason amazon app store is missing on Google Play. If you don’t know, YouTube is also owned by Google. So, they won’t allow any app that can download YouTube videos on Play Store because downloading YouTube videos hurts their advertisement revenue.