Unique Features of VidMate

Although there are some other tools similar to vidmate that claim to do the same task as vidmate, no any tool is near to vidmate in many cases. With most advanced technology on the industry, Vidmate allows you to download videos at fastest speed.

1. Fastest Download speeds

With same internet connection, Vidmate provides up to 200% faster speeds than similar others apps. Vidmate uses an advanced technology that helps you to get maximum capability of your internet speed. What vidmate does is that it connects to the host multiple times from your single device which can improve your internet speed upto 5 times. You may think that this is not new technology, several other apps are already doing it. We agree. We are actually not doing a different things, we are doing things differently. In simpler words, Vidmate is using similar technology but improved one.

2. User-friendly Interface

Vidmate provides a lot of features within single app which is obviously difficult to manage but we have done it beautifully and systematically which doesn’t only make it easy to use but also makes it extremely beautiful to look at. So, even an first time user can easily use vidmate and get used to it.

Moreover, we are providing you an complete guide on using Vidmate which should help you a lot on using Vidmate if you are new to it.

3. Unlimited Free Full Movies Download

Vidmate searches for the movies on the internet and collects them just for you to download them free of cost. You can download unlimited full new movies directly to your mobile devices  free of cost.

4. High Quality Music download

You can download hundred of thousands of High Quality songs directly from Vidmate. You can download English, Hindi, Talegu, Bahasa and many more songs directly to your android.

5. Live TV Channels

There are many apps that claim to provide live TV channels but its sad to know that most of them are fake or require money to watch. We are introducing you an unique feature to watch 200 live TVs, covering Movie, Music, Fashion, News, Entertainment, Sport, and many other kinds of channels. This is one of the feature which you may never be able to find in other apps free of cost. In Vidmate, those TV channels load faster so that you can enjoy free live TV channels even on the slow internet.