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SnapTube App download for Android [Latest Update 2017]

SnapTube app is an android tool to download videos from YouTube, Facebook and other popular sites in the Internet.

SnapTube app is one of the fastest YouTube downloaders available for android and is constantly evolving with new features.

You can download free apk file of Snaptube from Links below. You also can read detailed guide about how to use SnapTube below download Link and also related FAQs.

Download Snaptube for Android



Snaptube app is very to use. Just follow the steps below to download videos on your mobile device.

  1. First Step is to download SnapTube on your device. You can download SnapTube from any download links provided on this site as all are same.
    Download Snaptube for Android
  2. Open Snaptube App on your device. You will see the following tab.
    snaptube screenshot
  3. Tap on any icon of the sites icon from the homepage. For now, I am tapping on YouTube as most of you want this.
  4. When YouTube is completely loaded, you can search for the video you want to download/watch.
  5. Tap on the search result you want. Then you will see an download icon on bottom right corner.
  6. Tap on it. You will see “Download Video as” and a lot of options. At first there are options for Music. If you want to download the audio only without video i.e. for Songs, you can choose this option. You can choose any option as both are of same quality.
    If you want to download video, you can choose any option below video shown as 144p, 240p, etc along with the respective size of video on the side. For mobile, the highest quality that you may need is 720p but 480p too works well. If you have fast internet, you can download 720p or even 1080p (if your device supports), otherwise 480p should work fine for you.
  7. After you select quality of your video/audio, you can see the progress of the download on the notification window.
  8. You can view the downloaded videos later from the downloads tab later from the app.


Snaptube is a great app already and has best settings applied for you but there are still many ways you can get better utilization of Snaptube.


  1. Manage Sites to download videos on Homepage.
    You can select the video sites that you want to appear or remove on Home tab of Snaptube. To do this,
    > Open SnapTube.
    >Swipe from left on the homepage. You will see following window.

    >Now tap on settings on the bottom.

    >Tap on “Content Location” and select your country to get best recommended videos for your area or just select worldwide to see videos trending worldwide.
  2. To use Fast download Option.
    You can download videos faster than normal case in SnapTube. For this you need to enable fast download mode.
    >Go to settings as shown in Tips 1 above.
    >Now scroll down to find fast download mode and enable it.
  3. Get SnapTube VIP Premium
    If you want to remove ads on your SnapTube app, you can buy VIP premium for $1.99 of SnapTube. You are not getting any special features just by buying it except removing ad and downloading 4k videos (for some videos only). In some cases 4k video downloading is not possible although it is available to download (this doesn’t happen in YouTube), Snaptbube VIP premium users can download that video even in that condition.


Download Snaptube for Android


  1. Is SnapTube Illegal?
    No. SnapTube is perfectly legal. But, you cannot re-upload the copyrighted videos you downloaded from YouTube to any other sites or again on YouTube. Copying somebody else’s copyrighted material is illegal.
  2. Why SnapTube is not available on Google Play?
    Because Google won’t allow any app that can download YouTube videos on Google play because they own YouTube and it might hurt their advertising revenue on YouTube.